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Experienced tech visionary and strategic leader at the helm of TukiSoft, driving innovation, growth, and customer-centric solutions in the ever-evolving software industry

Er. Surya Poudel


Meet RN, a passionate individual residing in Australia and serving as the co-founder of Tuki Soft. With a profound interest in the intersection of information technology and health, RN brings a unique perspective to the dynamic field. Combining expertise and enthusiasm, RN is dedicated to driving innovations that bridge the gap between technology and healthcare for a brighter and healthier future.

Kreeti Khadka


Introducing Rabin Poudel, the financial maestro behind the scenes at Tuki Soft Pvt. Ltd. Based in Australia, Rabin plays a pivotal role in managing the financial intricacies of the company. With a keen eye for detail and a strategic approach, he ensures the fiscal health of Tuki Soft, contributing to its overall success. Rabin's expertise in financial management is instrumental in navigating the dynamic landscape where technology and innovation intersect.

Rabin Poudel

Finance Admin

Flutter developer with a flair for crafting visually stunning and highly performant mobile applications. Proficient in creating seamless user experiences and responsive designs, leveraging the power of Flutter's cross-platform capabilities

Aadarsha Baral

Flutter Developer

Becoming a senior web developer typically involves several years of experience, a strong understanding of web development technologies and best practices, and the ability to lead and mentor junior developers

Pawan Sigdel

Senior Web Developer

Working at TukiSoft, I believe in the power of design to inspire, engage, and drive meaningful connections. My commitment is to excellence and innovation fuels our mission to make a difference in the world through design

Ashish Wagle

UI/UX Designer

Meet Pawan Gautam, a meticulous Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer specializing in construction ERP software. With a discerning eye for precision, Pawan plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless functionality and reliability of the software developed for the construction industry. His dedication to quality assurance guarantees that the construction ERP software meets the highest standards, providing users with a robust and efficient tool to streamline their operations. Pawan's commitment to excellence contributes significantly to the success and reliability of the software in the ever-evolving realm of construction technology.

Pawan Gautam

QA Engineer

Introducing Abhishek Bhujel, a skilled Flutter developer dedicated to crafting dynamic and responsive applications. With expertise in Flutter, a versatile framework for building natively compiled applications, Abhishek brings innovation and efficiency to the world of app development. Whether it's creating sleek user interfaces or optimizing performance, Abhishek's proficiency in Flutter ensures the delivery of cutting-edge and user-friendly mobile applications.

Abhishek Bhujel

Flutter Developer